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Why Twitter is my most effective outreach channel

Cold emailing is super inefficient. You need to follow up all the time, write long emails, think about a subject line, and so on...

I never thought that Twitter is so easy and convenient for getting people reply to your messages (who otherwise probably wouldn't). Just a quick message is enough, something like this:

I think these are the reasons why reaching out on Twitter is easier, at least in my industry:
  • fast: reading and answering takes seconds
  • limited: you don't overthink what you're writing (accounts for both sides)
  • cta: it's obvious what the message is about
  • social proof: you can look at the other person's bio and can instantly see what kind of stuff she tweets about
  • less crowded: for most people, the Twitter "inbox" is quieter than email, so your competition is lower

Have you tried it out yet?
- Jan


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