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Some people still think we play

Today, I had an interesting conversation with someone. Although he knows what I'm doing, he told me that I should finish my master's degree as soon as possible. Because no large company wants to employ someone who graduates at age 28. And that it won't matter that I founded a startup at 25, because I'm just running the "business and marketing stuff," thus not really learning professional/technical skills needed at a company.

And although this was an extreme, I have the notion a lot of people think like this. That we're just playing, experimenting with some stuff and then returning to "real jobs" afterwards. A few months ago someone (my age!) asked me if I want to write my master's thesis at a company. "Yes. At mine," I answered. Awkward silence.

What to do about it? During the last weeks I learned that showing determination helps. I told him today that it's not a "fun project" for us, that we're giving it our all to make it a million $ company, someday. That we're doing everything we can to make it happen. And of course it's more than possible that we fail, but without 100% determination, it's not even worth trying.

Enjoy your weekend!
- Jan

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