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Why I have a #phonebox now

Hi again! Here's the reason why I haven't sent any newsletters in a while: I was on vacation 😍.

It's amazing how a few days off helped me think about a lot of stuff and recover from stressful months. I read a book (more on that tomorrow) and even learned a lot about how I work and what I should improve.

One thing that really made me think: Whenever I was out at the beach (no wifi), it was crazy how I was able to focus on a task (like my book). Back at the hotel with proper Internet, I could really feel the distracting effect of my phone.

Your mind can't wander when it's always drawn to a phone when there's only the slightest chance of feeling bored for a second.

This is why I'm experimenting with something new:
My fight against phone distraction is nothing new. There's many apps that lock your phone. There's Pomodoro and many other techniques to help focus on a single task. However, it was never possible for me to create a habit around this.

I needed a designated place to put my phone when I start working. Tried it in the last few days and it worked so far! By putting my phone into the box, it's way less on my mind than having it right in front of me, or in my pocket.
How do you combat distractions?

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