Hi, I'm Jan König 👋. I'm one of the founders of Jovo, 28 years old, and live in Berlin. < Go back to learn more.

We went to a hip burger place last night. Dark room, loud music, ale-benches, very crowded. Although that doesn’t sound like a great burger experience, it was really nice. And one reason definitely was how they promoted their beef (besides serving burgers as big as my girlfriend's head):

Very vivid for some dead meat. I could actually feel being on that field with those cattle. It’s crazy, how a story can transform a bit of meat on a bun into a delicious burger experience. Related experiment: the guys who bougt $1 stuff, added some personal words and made $60 out of it (in total more than $8000).

We’ve been working on a new pitch deck, lately. The last one had a very “technical” team slide at the end of the deck. This time, we’re trying to incorporate ourselves into the story a bit better, placing the team into the first slide, as an introduction.
Here’s the current draft, what do you think? 

Enjoy your week!
- Jan

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